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Expert Crowds, given certain conditions, can outsmart even the smartest single expert. Crowds have been solving the most complex of problems and are creating the most innovative of solutions. As a global online expert platform with over 250 members, the Expert Crowd in GLOBAL VALUE has an important role to play in ensuring that the full diversity of knowledge and positions is considered in the issues the project deals with.

Expert Crowd of 250+ experts

The Expert Crowd will directly contribute to creating an innovative framework and tool for measuring the impacts of multinational companies (MNCs) on global development.

More than 250 experts have already committed to take part, representing policy, civil society organisations, business, and academia perspectives (incl. Xerox, TeliaSonera, LIDL, London Mining, GRI, Ernst & Young, Austrian Development Agency, Global Policy Forum, ILO, IDH Sustainable Trade Initiative and many more).

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