Why become a member?

  • Be part of creating a European reference framework for assessing the impacts of MNCs on development

  • Gain exclusive access to preliminary GLOBAL VALUE findings

  • Receive regular briefings on the issues covered by GLOBAL VALUE

  • Network with a global, diverse crowd of experts

Apply to become a Member of the Expert Crowd

GLOBAL VALUE builds on crowd intelligence and has initiated a global online expert community including representatives from business, research and civil society. Expert Crowd members have an important role to play in suggesting existing tools and approaches in a comprehensive stocktaking, discussing and defining indicators and tool functions, and validating the results of pilot case studies applying the GLOBAL VALUE tool.

GLOBAL VALUE is continuously looking for experts to join the Expert Crowd. The collective intelligence of the Expert Crowd lies in the diversity of its members. Experts represent an array of specializations, stakeholder groups and expertise areas.

How do we select members?

The Expert Crowd is only as smart as diverse are its members. We strive to ensure the diversity of members in three categories:

  1. Stakeholder group diversity:  ensuring adequate representation each of four broad stakeholder groups (Business, Government, International Organisations, civil society organisations, Academia/Research) based on the organisations our Members are affiliated with.
  2. Expertise diversity: our Members cover a wide range of expertise areas including development challenges, responsible management approaches and industry sector know-how.
  3. Geographical diversity: ensuring that our Expert Crowd has a global outlook we monitor where our Members come from and which regional contexts they know best.

We appreciate your understanding that we will review your request based on your experience in the issue areas related to GLOBAL VALUE in combination with the current composition of the Expert Crowd. Exact proportions of each stakeholder group or issue expertise are not set to allow for some degree of flexibility, however, we constantly monitor the Crowd composition to ensure a balanced discussion.

If you happen to apply at the time where your specific profile may misbalance the Expert Crowd, we may contact you in the future should the Expert Crowd composition change.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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